About us

Upcycling food waste
to feed your ambitions

Founded in 1996, Prorec was born out of two hog farmer brothers’ desire to do their part for the environment while reducing their cost of animal feed.

The brothers found their solution through upcycling food waste and transforming it into nutritious, rich and economical components used in food manufacturing.

Now a leader in Eastern Canada, Prorec specializes in the recycling, collection and upcycling of by-products and production surpluses from medium and large food producers. In turn, it allows them to become major players in the new circular economy, while allowing local feed mills, breeders and farmers to have access to quality nutritional components for animals, at a lower cost.

The Prorec team never stops innovating by developing innovative tools and new ways to generate eco-profitability. Every day, we work in partnership with producers to support and help them in their sustainable development efforts.

Experts that have the planet’s well-being at heart

  • Sustainability experts
  • Experts in production and optimization systems
  • Logistics and transport managers
  • Customer support teams
  • Sustainability advisors
  • Agronomists
  • Animal nutrition technicians

What it takes to succeed

  • A processing site of over 350,000 sq. ft.
  • Monitoring technologies and software (optimization and performance)
  • Compactor, container and recovery equipment
  • Trucks and tanks fleet, and other logistics equipment
  • Installation, management and maintenance of all our equipment and systems

Circular economy runs has been running in our veins for 25 years

“Lowering CO2 emissions, reducing the amount of waste, helping producers, or promoting animal welfare; these are contributions we’re all proud of to protect the planet.” »

– Stéphane Le Moine, President
Winner of an Environmental Phenix Award in the Waste Materials Development category.