Animal feed

Your partner of choice to feed your growth

Nutritional components
that make a
real difference

A wide range of energetic, protein-based and fibrous components that are created specifically for different animal types and approved by the CFIA.


A vision
born on the farm

A true
profit generator
for people
who work the land

By upcycling by-products and overruns from food processors, Prorec helps local feed mills, producers and farmers have access to rich and cost-effective nutritional components to feed livestock.
We work in close collaboration with agronomists and other resources specialized in animal nutrition to meet the high expectations of our clients for excellence.
We have our own laboratory where a highly professional team ensures the consistency and high quality of our products through extensive daily testing.
We perform a rigorous monitoring of our production to ensure that all traceability parameters are respected, and that we comply with the best manufacturing practices of the industry.
We offer constant technical support to our clients. Nothing is spared to guarantee a superior level of quality that exceeds your highest requirements.

The smart choice in eco-profitable animal feed

Working with Prorec is choosing a top quality nutritious and cost-effective animal feed. It also means choosing to have a positive environmental impact by helping to reduce waste.

Be part of the new circular economy

We are the partner of choice to help you optimize your production and be part of the new circular economy that promises such a bright future.