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PROREC Inc. is a leading company in the East of Canada for marketing byproducts from the food industry. Supplier of co-products and byproducts of grain for animal feed, our ingredients contribute to reduce the cost of your rations at equal performance.


Complies with nutrition standards that foster our customers’ success, while also working closely with nutrition agronomists specialized in animal feed.

Closely controls quality and continually monitors products.

Operates its own test laboratory with a qualified team of technicians.

Inspects the health and safety of the products.

Nurtures a major network of millers and farmers.

Provides technical support and rigorously tracks production and quality to ensure best manufacturing practices are being meticulously adhered to. We roll out everything in our power to guarantee products achieve a superior level of quality that even surpasses our customers’ requirements.

All our products are CFIA-licensed.

Our products are: FariproTM (cookie meal), ProgevaTM (animal and vegetable fats), Pursucre and Prolac, along with a wide range of other items to satisfy the gamut of needs. Some of our other products include: wet corn gluten feed, dry corn gluten feed, cacao mulch for bedding, wheat shorts, wet corn, sweet food byproducts, corn germ, peanut-based products, lactose, WPCs, liquid dairy byproducts, etc. These different food items, based on their specifications and the types of animals they are intended for, constitute good sources of energy, protein and fibre.

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About Prorec

PROREC is a key player in the sustainable development of the agri-food world.

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