Repurpose of food by-products and food waste valorization

valorization of food co-products for animals

As communities increasingly become aware of the effects of food waste generation on the environment, initiatives are undertaken to reduce impacts. Waste-to-feed pathways have effectively reduced food waste created. Slowly but surely, the valorization of functional food by-products is gaining mainstream attention.

While these practices are increasingly common, it’s important to keep promoting the benefits of the circular economy.

Why is it useful to repurpose food by-products?

Reduce food loss and waste

Many food industries have baffling amounts of agro-foods waste. In the UK, for example, every pint of beer made amounts to about two bowls of porridge of spent grain. Prorec’s cutting-edge food science and technology expertise can help you turn your waste into profit and maximize your returns with a new circular economy approach.

The valorization of food waste through upcycling ensures that it can be reused in other industries or for other purposes, and thus prevents our landfills from piling up.

Preserve nutritional composition value during food production

Help farmers, feed mills, and producers access cost-effective and better-quality products by participating in the circular economy.

Did you know Prorec has a laboratory where experts closely monitor value-added products? Samples are taken to ensure consistency and exceed quality standards. Talk to our team today for more information about food waste valorization.

The Prorec difference

Prorec follows the Canadian Food Inspection Agency regulations and is certified to assist you with all your waste management needs, such as food processing. If you are looking for products for animal feed, Prorec also offers a wide range of nutritional products. Join us in giving a second life to earth’s bounty!